An Interview with Ian Blackford: Scotland’s Place in the UK Summit

As the second instalment of our ‘Scotland’s Place in the UK Summit’, Editor-in-Chief Ross Alexander Hutton interviewed the Westminster Leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party Ian Blackford MP.

The conversation starts with Ian’s upbringing and early life influencing his politics, moving briefly to devolution then to Ian’s investment banking career to the 2014 referendum and its aftermath. They then discuss Brexit and its implications for Scotland’s place in the U.K., as well as the coronavirus crisis and the mandate debate following the Holyrood election this year. Finally, they focus on the economics of independence and the challenges that need to be addressed to achieve an independent Scotland.

The summit comes to a conclusion on Friday with Stephen Kerr MSP, the Scottish Conservatives’ Chief Whip.

The St Andrews Economist are in no way affiliated with any political party. The views expressed in the interview belong to the interviewee, and may not reflect the opinions of the St Andrews Economist.

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