The St Andrews Economist is the official publication of the St Andrews Economics Society. Our articles cover global and current affairs, academic theory, economic policies and trends.

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Editorial Board

Ming Lee Editor-in-Chief

Ming is a fourth year Economics student from Glasgow. Her writing interests include East Asian fiscal and monetary policy, and the region’s  political interaction with the rest of the world. 


Ross Alexander Hutton Editor-in-Chief

Ross is a fourth year Economics student from Broughty Ferry, Scotland. His writing focuses on socio-economic issues with a political insight.


Section Editors

Laura Da Silva
Africa Editor

Laura is a fourth year Economics student from Johannesburg, South Africa. She is interested in development economics, public policy and social justice.


Rudra Sen
Asia Editor

Rudra is a fourth year International Relations Student from New Delhi, India. He particularly focuses on the socio-political issues in India and its diplomatic relations in the subcontinent. 


Alexander Wylie Editor
Business Editor

Alexander is a third year Economics student from Edinburgh. His interests include development economics and international affairs.


Armaan Gheewala Editor
Culture Editor

Armaan is a fourth year economics student from London, UK.


Brynna Boyer Editor
Europe Editor

Brynna is a third year German and Social Anthropology student. Her interests include the intersection of politics, economics, and culture, as well modern European political theory and economic policy.


Leo Le Borgne Editor
Latin America Editor

Leo is a fourth year German and international relations student. Originally from Montréal Canada, he now resides in London. He enjoys reading about international investment law, political economy, and Latin American regional studies.


Molly Pimm Editor
Middle East Editor

Molly is a third year International Relations student from Devon, England. Her writing interests include nuclear disarmament – with a particular focus upon the Middle East, feminism’s contribution to IR, and the process of peace building in post-conflict societies.


Jack Horrigan Editor
North America Editor

Jack is a second year Economics and International Relations student from the United States. His main interests relate to how domestic culture, politics, and institutions help shape foreign policy. His interests also include a particular fondness of pubs.


Abigail Byrne
Science and Technology Editor

Abi is a fourth year biology student from Aberdeen, Scotland. She is interested in the impact of science and technology on the commercial world, especially the current role of vaccines and biotechechnology.


Pearce Hopkins Editor
Theory Editor

Pearce is a third year International Relations student from Glasgow. In his spare time, he enjoys playing shinty, as well as guitar.


Mark Connolly Editor
United Kingdom Editor

Mark is a fourth year Medieval and Modern History student. His main interests include electoral politics, economic and housing policy, and political theory and ideology.


Past Editors-In-Chief

Adam Strømme, 2015-2017

Adam Strømme was Founder and an Editor-in-Chief of the St Andrews Economist from 2015-2017. He graduated with an Upper Second Class with Honours in Economics and International Relations

Devon Maloney, 2015-2017

Devon Maloney was Founder and an Editor-in-Chief of the St Andrews Economist from 2015-2017. She graduated with an Upper Second Class with Honours in Geography.

Alex Hayes, 2017-2019

Alex Hayes was an Editor-in-Chief from 2017 to 2019. He graduated with an Upper Second Class degree in International Relations and Geography.

Kyra Ward, 2018-2019

Kyra Ward was an Editor in Chief from 2018-2019. She graduated in International Relations and Economics Second class Honours.

Polen Türkmen, 2018-2019

Polen Türkmen was an Editor-in-Chief from 2018 to 2019. She graduated in 2019 with a Philosophy (Hons) degree and is now focusing on international affairs.

Jurin Katayama, 2019-2020

Jurin Katayama was an Editor-in-Chief from 2019 to 2020. She is an elected trustee at the UN House Scotland and a fourth year Biology and Economics student.

Ali Drabu, 2019-2020

Ali Drabu was an Editor in Chief from 2019 to 2020. He studied International Relations, graduating with an Upper Second Class.

Delany Higgins, 2019-2020

Delany Higgins was an Editor-in-Chief from 2019 to 2020. She graduated in 2020 with First Class Honours in Modern History and Art History.

Lucy Wright, 2020-2022

Lucy Wright was an Editor-in-Chief from 2020 to 2022. She graduated in 2022 with First Class Honours in Modern History and Economics.

One Comment Add yours

  1. David J. Sherwin says:

    To the Editors,
    I teach English in Guatemala, and I while was researching articles in English under femicide, I came across your publication.
    I studied journalism many years ago in the US, and I find your publication very refreshing.
    No doubt I will be using more of your articles in class.
    David J. Sherwin.

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