The St Andrews Economist Weekly Edition

In our final Weekly Edition of 2020, Hannah Pedone discusses the political instability faced by Africa’s lion economies. In Europe, Katie McAdam considers Estonia’s development trajectory in Estonia: Founding of a Digital Nation.

Detailing the UK government’s plan for overcoming opposition to new housing, Morgan Anthony asserts that Building Houses Has Never Been More Attractive. Meanwhile, Benjamin Gregg outlines the Chancellor’s opportunity to cut UK carbon emission while raising government revenue in Tax or Trade: Sunak’s Choice.

In North America, Elliott Vavitsas provides an analysis of Canada’s COVID Quantitative Easing. Brock Burton outlines how the Sunburst Hack has illuminated America’s Cyber-Security Weaknesses.

Finally, in a year of cancelled sporting events, Mik Mrd considers whether hosting a World Cup makes economic sense.

We would like to thank you all for your readership and support during 2020. We hope that you have enjoyed our articles and that we have helped to provide clarity and insight during this unpredictable year.

From all of us at the St Andrews Economist,

Happy New Year!




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