The St Andrews Economist Weekly Edition

In recent years, social issues have become more and more important for the world of American business. For a very recent example, Major League Baseball is moving a game out of Atlanta in response to the State of Georgia’s new voting laws that have been criticised by civil-rights groups. Casey Kermes looks at the history of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), its drawbacks, and what it means for the future of US business.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Brazil’s president Bolsanaro said “It’s just a little flu”. One year on, and Brazil’s response has been one of the worst in the world. Mafa Gaspar addresses how it all went so wrong for Brazil. More broadly across the Latin America, Brynna Boyer looks at how a boom in hydroelectric power is helping modernise infrastructures and drive a green revolution in the region.

Thomas Pigatto presents a birds-eye view of the raging rivalry between China and the US. He explores the rise in China’s influence and its threat to American hegemony. 

Lastly, Aoife Doyle discusses the history of trends in economic theory and how the pandemic is set to shape new directions for the field. 

For more current affairs, check out The World This Week to see our Section Editors’ survey of the latest news stories.

North America

Latin America



Photo of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Sébastien Goldberg

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