The St Andrews Economist Weekly Edition

In Latin America this week, Leo Le Borgne discusses how the new US administration will shakeup geopolitics in the region, in “A Love Triangle? The Significance of Sino-Latin American Relations in Light of the New Biden Administration”.

Lucy Penman also looks at the new US administration in “Why Biden’s COVID Plan Could Be The Making Of His Presidency”. She discusses the huge challenge that Biden has in vaccinating America, and how likely it is to succeed.

Vaccines are also Abigail Byrne’s focus in “Vaccine Optimism – Capable of spreading faster than the Virus?“. She explains how well the current COVID-19 vaccines will fare in protecting the world, and how they are being adapted to tackle the virus’s mutations.

Over in the Middle East, Libby Edwards looks back at the Arab Spring. In “The Lost Decade: Arab Spring’s 10th Anniversary” she speaks about the movement’s successes and failures to transform the region.

Finally, in “How to Save the United Kingdom” Ryan Morrice explores the causes of the continuing rise in support for Scottish Independence, and how the UK government could better respond to it.

For more current affairs, check out The World This Week to see our Section Editors’ survey of the latest news stories.

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