St Andrews Economist Weekly Edition

On the eve of the 2020 US presidential election, Ross Alexander Hutton analysed the deep divisions prevalent in American society. At the time of writing, we are awaiting the election results.

Elliott Vavitsas analyses Canada’s new stimulus package, arguing that the economy is inching closer towards Universal Basic Income. Meanwhile in Africa, Hannah Pedone investigates ‘The Price Sudan Pays to Shed its Title as a State Sponsor of Terrorism’.

Over in Russia, Jeremy Becker explores the existence of the ‘Civilisation State’. Meanwhile, in Asia-Pacific, Hugo Clapshaw examines the merits of New Zealand’s coronavirus response.

In Business, Section Editor Tom Woods examines the impact of blockchain, asking whether the technology represents a ‘quiet revolution’. Meanwhile, Nicole Bortfeld questions whether solar engineering is ‘a farfetched expense or a foresightful investment?’ With the announcement of the latest generation of the iPhone, Harry Street uncovers our growing ‘digital dependency’.

Finally, Yoanna Dimitrova offers an insight into the improvements to auction theory made by this year’s winners of the Economics Nobel Prize, Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson.

For more current affairs, check out to The World This Week to see our Section Editors’ survey of the latest news stories.



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