The St Andrews Economist Weekly Edition

This week Mira Mansfield explores the relationship between Music and Nationalism; from Bach to Brahms, and Hitler to Farage, she travels through modern European history to examine how nationalist politicians have twisted music to suit their own means.

Meanwhile, with a sharp focus on present day Europe, Dasha Krasnodembskaya discusses the geopolitical tensions over the gas pipeline project Nordstream 2, and the recent poisoning of Russian opposition politican Alexei Navalny.

Tensions are also aflame across the globe in Kashmir, as Maanvi Chawla puts the spotlight on India’s crackdown on the autonomy of Kashmir. Since losing its limited autonomy last year, the Indian government has eroded human rights and left the region to suffer under the impacts of COVID-19. Satyajit Mohanan takes a broader look at India, showing how its economy is faltering and its government’s relief efforts will struggle to mitigate the ongoing economic crisis.

In Latin America, Stephanie Parker compares conditional cash transfers with universal basic income; she provides a technical comparison of both, and tackles the practical problems of the latter policy.

Lastly, Benjamin Gregg brings our attention back home to the United Kingdom: he addresses the government’s current plans to reform the Prime Minister’s office in a bid to better communication and coordination across governmental departments. Reforming government is no easy task, however, and Benjamin Gregg points out the pressing flaws in its plan.

For more news, check out The World This Week to see our Section Editors’ survey of the latest stories.

South America
United Kingdom

Image source: Dal Lake, SriNagar, Kashmir, India taken by Eshani Mathur

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