Five Steps to Improve Your Career Prospects this Week

By Joanna Kalemba
President of the Economics Society 

“I never learned a thing from a tournament I won.” – Bobby Jones

1) Winning Women Conference (The Lumsden Club)

When: Monday, 29th of February, 5.30pm
Where: Parliament Hall, South Street
Why: To get inspired and gain insight into career opportunities by networking with six leading businesswomen from advertising, accounting, pharmaceutical and finance industries. Having attracted representatives from companies including PwC, Credit Suisse and RBS, whether you’re a female or not, this conference is not to be missed.

2) Market Failure: Government Failure (a lecture by Eamonn Butler)

When: Monday, 29th of February, 7-8:30pm
Where: Parliament Hall
Why: To develop a practical knowledge of economics that you won’t learn in the classroom. Eamonn Butler, another St Andrews alum, is the founder of the Adam Smith Institute, one of the world’s leading economic think tanks. He is back in St Andrews to discuss his Public Choice theory and the relationship between “market failure” and government failure. You don’t need to have knowledge of economic principles to follow this lecture, just a keen interest in government and an open mind.

3) Effective Leadership: Mobilising Others for Action by Ejaj Ahmad (PSC Leadership)

When: Thursday, 3rd of March, 6.15pm-8.15pm
Where: Gateway Lecture Theatre 4
Why: To give yourself a chance to further develop (or start working on) your leadership skills! This interactive workshop is led by Ejaj Ahmad, a St Andrews alumni and the founder and president of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC), the country’s first leadership institute. Ahmad will explore strategies and techniques for effectively mobilizing others for collective action and show how leadership skills can be used to change the world.

4) Interview Skills: How to Succeed at an Interview (Careers Centre)

When: Friday, 4th of March, 2-3pm
Where: School 5
Why: To make sure the next interview will be a successful one! And to take advantage of the fantastic free resources that the Careers Centre is putting up for us all.

5) The C-Suite Conference (The Management Society)

When: Friday, 4th of March, 5.30-8pm
Where: Hotel du Vin
Why: To find out what lies between you and the C-Suite (many years of hard work, I imagine). Featuring speakers including the Vice-Chairman of KPMG London and Managing Director of Global Corporate & Investment Banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the Management Society has once again organized a very promising conference.


Featured image by Ashley Nootenboom.

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