St Andrews Economist Weekly Edition

The US election is arguably the most important political event of this year—Brock Burton discusses Biden’s victory and looks at the future of his administration.

On the same topic, Dhruv Shah talks about US foreign policy towards Iran, and the difficult task that Biden’s administration has in repairing relations if they want to salvage or rebuild the former nuclear deal.

Also in the Middle East, Nadeen Alawadh analyses labour markets in the oil-producing Gulf and discusses the warped impact of high levels of public sector employment on the local labour force.

Finally, the Science and Technology section looks towards the future this week: Sam Bowers looks at the rapidly developing technology of 5G and asks how much it will affect the economy and our lives, while Lyle Horne explores the potential of fusion power to transform the energy market.

For more current affairs, check out to The World This Week to see our Section Editors’ survey of the latest news stories.

North America

Middle East & Africa

Science & Technology

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