St Andrews Economist Weekly Edition

Brexit remains as pressing an issue as ever, with trade negotiations between the UK and EU in their final throes. Ross Alexander Hutton and Satyajit Mohanan discuss and analyse what’s going on in the negotiations in these cruical last weeks.

Climate change has been overshadowed by COVD-19 for most of the year, but it has not disappeared: William Thompson takes a look at China’s emissions—27% of the world’s total in 2017—and explores how effective their current policies will be in reducing this figure.

On a similar topic, Assia Tej tackles the modern problem of E-waste (phones, laptops, etc that have been discarded) in the Middle East, and what could be done to tackle it.

Another modern problem facing society today is the misuse of vast quantities of data made available by technology: Charlotte Service discusses how the UK government has developed poor policies through a misguided use of data, and examines how it’s been applied to tackle COVID-19.

Finally, in the wake of Donald Trump’s experience with COVID-19, Charlie Flynn analyses the history of US Presidents’ health, from Woodrow Wilson to JFK, and shows why it is such a vital issue that unfortunately Presidents and Presidential candidates are never fully transparent on.

For more current affairs, check out The World This Week to see our Section Editors’ survey of the latest news stories.

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