St Andrews Economist Weekly Edition


To begin with, Orla Emberson looks at the welfare impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, showing its disproportionate impact on the working class and the lack of government support for them.

COVID-19 is also the focus in South America this week: Leo Le Borgne ties together the issues of the pandemic with crime and climate change, and demonstrates a common policy to tackle them all.

In the Middle East this week, Keira Logan dives into the lives of Lebanese Armenians—a group that has survived and thrived against many odds.

International trade is often not the most newsworthy of topics, but Claire Nelson showcases some exciting developemnts in the global marijuana trade, with Canada and much of the Carribean becoming big participants in this new market.

Lastly, Morgan Anthony compares Economists to lemons to illustrate in a fruity example why there are so few economists in the public eye.

For more current affairs, check out The World This Week to see our Section Editors’ survey of the latest news stories.

United Kingdom

The Americas

Middle East and Africa


Image: Mansourieh, Lebanon by Patricia Abdallah

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