St Andrew’s Economist Weekly Edition

This week, Science and Technology Editor, Paula Plechschmidt asks whether the Big Tech firms are getting too big while, Casey Kermes examines how the actions of the Silicon Valley giants are affecting consumers and citizens of the United States and beyond.

In the political arena, Satyajit Mohanan asks whether the rules based trading system dominating global trade will survive in light of the WTO’s existential crisis. Meanwhile, Hayden Siratt investigates the potential political link between the UK and the US, within the backdrop of the upcoming Presidential election.

Across the globe, Caitlin Ayre captures the hopeful optimism felt by many in Russia as opposition politician Alexei Navalny emerges from hospital following his recovery from poisoning. In Latin America, Brynna Boyer considers how Bandidos are doing more for Brazil than Bolsonaro while over in Asia-Pacific, Section Editor Satyajit Mohanan examines the government’s response to India’s economic crisis in ‘All is Well’ – Says Who?

Finally, the ongoing ramifications of the Coronavirus disease and the ensuing social, political and economic crises are explored from a number of angles. Patrick Livings explores the cultural dilemma in the face of COVID-19 regulations while Nina McNicol examines the prospect of a Shaken Future for young people in the United Kingdom.

For more current affairs, check out The World This Week to see our Section Editors’ survey of the latest news stories.

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